Sunday, September 1, 2013

Prayer, God, and Healing

I am an Episcopalian and in our Book of Common Prayer we have prayers for about everything.  This is a good thing, when we have a specific need and can't think of what to say.  It is a good thing when we pray as a community together.  Of course we can pray with our own words any time or just be silent trusting that God already knows are needs and hears us without a word being spoken.

Today I did not feel very well and as they day went on, I felt worse.  I ended up in the emergency room and was diagnosed with something serious but not life threatening.  Relieved, I picked up the medication that is necessary for me to heal and went home to rest which in my case was sleeping all afternoon.  When I woke I was better, not "cured" but better.

Today my prayers were all over the place.  Worried I prayed that what was wrong with me would not be serious.  Unsure of what to do, I prayed for guidance.  When I finally went to the ER, I prayed that everything would turn out okay.  When I finally got home, I thanked God for everything--and then prayed for rest.  This evening, I looked to the Book of Common Prayer and found this.  This is the best prayer of all for me today:

For Trust in God

O God, the source of all health: So fill my heart with faith in
your love, that with calm expectancy I may make room for
your power to possess me, and gracefully accept your
healing; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Now I have stopped worrying, and am allowing the healing to take place.  I am very grateful to God that I have access to health care and the means not only to pay for it but also for the medication that I need to take.  I am grateful for all the staff that made sure I was seen quickly and that most of my day was spent healing instead of getting sicker. I am blessed and now know that the healing I need will happen and that God is with me always.

This is a good feeling in spite of my lingering earache, slight headache, and bloody eye.  Tomorrow will be a better day and I intend (with God's help) to get a good nights rest.

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