Monday, September 2, 2013

to new beginnings....

Labor Day and the summer is officially over.  I am back at work, the temperature is cooler, and after three months of rest, I am recharged.  This is a good day to make new goals and start doing and stop so much resting.  Now is a good time to make sure I have balance in my life--physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.  Now is a good time to live the life I want to live instead of just talking about it.

I feel good that I was able to see all my brothers this weekend but time was short and between me ending up in the ER and down sick, I could not spend as much time with them as I wished.  I hope they all understand.  I will make time to make sure that I stay in communication with them.  Life is too short not to embrace the family you have.

It is time for me to make a commitment to spiritual reading.  I have several books here just collecting dust so as I clean and make plans I will decide which one to read.

For now, I am going to stop everything and meditate on God's gift to me of family and the opportunity to continue working "to get it right" in my life.

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