Friday, August 2, 2013

It is incredible to be alive.

I didn't forget to write my post this morning.  I was just busy living my life.  My day was full of people and many experiences and it is nice now in the evening to reflect on this day and be glad.

I shared on Face Book two situations that happened today.  One this morning where I was trying very hard to mow my lawn and two wonderful people stopped to help.  They ended up mowing my yard for me and when I gave them some money they were so grateful because they were broke. Then this afternoon, I ended up going to the bank later that I had planned and missed being in a car accident that involved four cars by minutes!

But that is only a small part of my day.  I was able to communicate with several people either by email or phone and I enjoyed the conversations.  I talked to all of my grown children and realized how proud I am of them because of  way they are dealing with the challenges in their individual lives.  My bird feeders were full every time I looked at them and I realized that along with the sparrows and chickadees and cardinals and house finches  and bee wicks  and mourning doves that the golden finch is now a regular customer and that the tufted titmouse has returned.  My flowers are blooming and my herbs are thriving and I enjoy my garden along with the birds.

Inside my house, projects that I started are being finished and it has been a joy to paint furniture and find the right color chair pads for my dining room.  I paid my bills for the month and felt grateful that they are all paid and on time and I have money left over.  I even bought a new phone (land line) and installed it myself--something I had never attempted before--and I am proud of myself.  IT WORKS!

Sky had a great week at work. We celebrated with tacos for supper.  And now all is quiet except for the cicadas and crickets which are singing  a symphony outside my window.  It has been a good, full day and I am thankful that I am alive!

It is time now just to be quiet and just be with God...peace...

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