Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happiness is...

In the sixties when I was a teenager....1960's not 1860's....a little cartoon was very popular that always read "Happiness is....."  and then the blank was filled in with a sweet little word or phrase like "daisies picked just for you."  "A rainbow on a cloudy day."  "homemade chocolate chip cookies."   It was cheesy but I liked it and thought the sentiments were profound.  Now that I am over 60 (and over the "sixties")  I would like to rewrite that sweet  little cartoon with reality.

First I would change the cute little round belly boy and girl to a stick figure with arthritic knees, a hearing aid, and a big heart.  That is as close as I am willing to get to a self portrait. ...then I would write my opinions.  Here goes:

Happiness is being able to get out of bed in the morning.
Happiness is ibuprofen that makes it possible to get out of bed in the morning.
Happiness is being able to spell ibuprofen

Happiness is owning your car.
Happiness is planning a road trip.
Happiness is taking your seven year old car to the dealership for it's 100,000 mile checkup
and ONLY having to pay for an oil change.

Happiness is being able to wear your pants at your waistline.
Happiness is the choice to say no to a belly, nose, and tongue ring.
Happiness is being free of tattoos.

Happiness is a purse free of pampers.
the end of PTA meetings
and no more stupid enrollment cards to fill out.

Happiness is utilities turned on,
the choice for heat or air,
and enough hot water for a long shower.

Happiness is infrequent doctor visits (even though you have medical insurance)
Knowing your blood pressure is okay,
and realizing that losing a few pounds is your only major health issue.

Happiness is bills paid on time,
a little savings in the bank,
and a house almost paid for.

Happiness is more than a sentiment.
Happiness is a choice.
Happiness is the best way to live.

---written in the waiting room of the Ford dealership, today,  If I choose to be spiritual, I also choose to be happy.  Paulletta



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