Wednesday, August 21, 2013

After today, I will stop crying....

Today the Memorial Service was held for Ingrid.  She would have liked it.  Lot's of reminders of Christian faith and hope.  Snippets of the incredible woman that could make us smile.  There really wasn't any reason to cry.  Everything was the way Ingrid would have liked it--even the length of the service--not to long-- and lot's of friends and family in church together.

What I learned anything from Ingrid it was this:  Embrace life.  Don't be afraid.  Trust yourself and God who created you.  There is always time to help someone else.  Love, love, love and you will be loved, loved, loved.  Smile often and don't take yourself too seriously.

Ingrid was one of a kind.  I am going to miss her a lot....but after today I will stop crying....she would rather I hug the kids, make them laugh, teach them about the world,  and look around to see what I can do to make others have a better life.  She would want me to embrace my life and let her go.

I am so grateful that Ingrid was in my life.  I will never forget her.

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