Monday, August 19, 2013

Have you loved today?

This question was asked by my priest at Mass today.  I repeated it on Facebook in a post...and then once more in a message to my brothers.  Now I am asking the question here on my blog.

Have you loved today?  Have I loved today?  The question is profound and I can not stop thinking about it.  Before you give an answer you have to know what love is....and Fr Kendrick was speaking of love is association with God.  God is love.  So what does the question ask?

I am still working on the answer....but while I think about it, I can be kind, and compassionate and wise in the way I treat people.  The only thing I know for sure is that Jesus is the only one that can answer this question with a resounding YES!  For the rest of us,  the answer is a continuing challenge to make God the center of our life and try to love the way He does.

So have I loved today?  I hope in some small way I have and that tomorrow, with God's help, I will love even more.

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  1. Each day I read your blog, I find something that inspires, motivates, and/or challenges me. More often than not, its all of them. I read the FB post last night and woke up thinking about that very question-- approached my day thinking about it. It made a difference. Hopefully, I did, too.