Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Aquamarine is the color I hear
When I hang suspended in the sea
The water above and all around
As the quiet embraces me.

It's an autumn glow of the candle light
I hear when I pray silently
The amber gold of warmth and love
That touch my ears tenderly.

Soft rose is the color of the newborns breath
mesmerized as I watch her sleep
I hear the pink of creation
In the love that I feel so deep.

Emerald green loud whispers sparkle
from the rain soaked plants and trees
and this quiet makes me stop to hear
Small crickets symphony

A rainbow of sound is just waiting
for all of our ears to perceive
to hear color is easy just listen
Just listen and simply believe.

a poem by me, Paulletta 7/17/13


  1. This is truly lovely, Pauletta.

    1. Thank you....It is people like you who hearts I want to touch and make a positive difference.

  2. Beautiful Pauletta. I love your "vision" of all the senses coming together as one. I suppose that's how it is for the God in whom all things are one. I confess that your poem also reminded me of the Beatles: "But listen to the color of your dreams. It is not leaving, it is not leaving." ;-)

    1. thank is a fine line between poetry and lyrics...and it is wonderful when they connect...the Beatles create beautiful sound for their poetic words and we have an experience...I create poetic words so the reader can find their own music and hopefully a vision.