Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Blessing of Spontaneity

It rained all night.  It was raining this morning.  I had planned to finish painting my desk and mow the yard.  Since it was not good idea to do either, I decided to be spontaneous.

I took my youngest son breakfast at work.  He smiled.  I did some grocery shopping.  As I was driving across town to go to the bookstore,  I remembered how sometimes rainy days can be stressful at work (because the little kids are stuck inside all day).  I stopped to get a drink for me and some chocolate for my friends.  I stopped at work and got hugs and smiles all around.  Also I had a few questions answered so I know the details when I go back to work.  I got excited about going back to work and I felt good because I got to see the people I miss being in my daily life.  I finished driving to the bookstore.  I found wonderful books at great prices.  I bought a book on stenciling, making jewelry, a safari animal book for my class,  a book on management for my son, and a special cookbook for my oldest daughter.  I called my daughter at work and asked if I could come by with a surprise.  She said yes.  I stopped by and gave her the cookbook which she really likes!  When I left, I stopped by my favorite sandwich place and ordered lunch.  I came home and found my big hound dog chasing a bee wick (bird) that had gotten in a window I hadn't shut completely.   It was hilarious!  Finally I opened a window, the bird got out, and my dog, exhausted, took a nap.  I looked at the clock and it was after noon and I felt incredible!

It was past the time I usually write my blog but I knew that was okay.  I opened my laptop and realized that my heart was full and I felt so grateful!  I touched the lives of some of my friends and family and they touched my spirit.  What a wonderful day this has turned out to be!

Thank you God, this day, for the gift of spontaneity.  AMEN!

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