Thursday, July 25, 2013

Surprise! .....on a stick!

When I opened the unexpected box from David and Cindy, I started to laugh.  All I could think of was Jeff Dunham and Jose Jalapeno .............on a stick  (see you tube if you are not familiar--you will laugh).  Here I had three puppet heads on sticks each with a lever to make their mouths move.  My preschool kids will love them! and so do I!  And they have already wielded their magic on me.

Each of the puppets is a different color and they come with names....There's Fez, Kai, and Bob.  When I began to play with them--yes,me, playing--their personalities began to emerge.  Take Bob, for instance.  He is actually a clam with eyes on a stick, a boy... and very purple....He has a deep voice and talks very slowly without any emotion.  "My name is BaaaaaaahhhhhhhB.  The story is about a FRaaaaaaaaahhhhhhG.  Do you have a DAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHG?" and so forth.

Kai,on the other hand, is all girl and very self assured. She is lime green with two eyes that pop out of the top of her head and she is round with a very big mouth.  When I picked her up I naturally flipped her head back while she talked in a very little girl voice.  "Kai, why are you flipping you're head like that,"  I asked.  "To get my beautiful long hair out of my eyes,"  She replied.  I said, "Kai, you're bald!"
"SHHH!"  she whispered,  "maybe no one will notice."

And then there is Fez.  He is navy blue, a boy, and he does not have two eyes.  "Hey, Fez, how are you doing I asked."  "I know how to count," he replies. "I can count all of my eyes without a mistake."
"You can," I say, "show me."  "Okay, here goes....One.  I have one eye."

It has been along time since I have had so much fun!  and I wanted to share it, so I got Sky and the puppets sang the ABC song to her.  Sky was not amused and told all of us to be quiet and proceeded to take her hands and hold the puppets mouths shut.  Not my mouth, the puppets! that time I was practically in the floor I was laughing so hard...  Like I said before, I can't wait to share these puppets in school.  Thank you so much David and Cindy!

So you ask, what has this got to do with my spiritual journey?  EVERYTHING!  Thoughtfulness by my brother and his wife to give me something to enhance the job I love so much refreshes and renews my spirit.  Gifts that are given "just because" are the best and it makes no difference whether you are on the giving or receiving end--everyone benefits, just like what happens when you simply smile.   God gave us the miracle of laughter and creativity and we need to use these gifts often and share them...and today this whole experience has made my heart soar! and hopefully by sharing your heart will soar too.

Spirituality is more than seriousness and quiet....spirituality is about the exuberance of feeling love and joy.  Spirituality is working to be one with God and laughter helps us grow closer.  So smile and feel joy.   God is with us always.

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