Friday, July 26, 2013


Today my mind pleasantly wanders and I remembered the first poem I ever had published.  This poem was written when my second child, Sam was still a baby and was published in May of 1993.  When I read it today it was as if I had written it today.  All I could think is that I wanted to share these words again.


My baby sat content in my lap
And made soft sounds.
At the flash of lightening
His dark eyes opened wide.
We listened to the long roll of thunder.

I looked out the window
At the iris-blue clouds,
And wondered how the transparent rain
Made the trees emerald green.
The earth had become iridescent.

How marvelous it is that 
God is such an artist--
He sculpts this living miracle
For me to hold
Ands paints the panorama of an early
Morning storm.

I am in awe of his creations.

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