Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No one is immune from evil

No matter what your state, your circumstances, you are never immune from the sickness and evilness that humanity is capable of creating....  I haven't been a widow for a month and already ugliness is trying to make it's way into my life....subtle but there none the less.... now more than even I must be smart, be strong, and hang unto God....  it is the only way to conquer the darkness that can slither into our lives...I wasn't ready.  I had been warned of what could happen but I didn't listen because I thought I was immune....big mistake... but I only answered a door in innocence and now I can slam that door shut....I want to live in a world filled with good intentions but unfortunately I live in the same world as everyone else ...Lot's of good people but some who are bad....

God grant me the wisdom to know who is all right to let into my life....

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  1. This despite it's dark overtone is very wise.....I can really relate! i love you!