Tuesday, July 29, 2014

good intentions but I need commitment

I started out okay. I had a plan...then life happened in a big way and I am definitely sidetracked....granted no one "plans" for their mother to be ill and making sure she gets healthy again is a priority.....but when I get sidetracked everything else except work, stops....and this week being the last of the summer session has its own stress because the classrooms have to be emptied and everything moved so the floors can be stripped and then waxed..so instead of doing what I need to do for my mother and for work and what I can at home, I do for my mother and my job and zone out at home....the dining room table is still covered...the laundry is piling up...and I have done nothing to simplify and de-clutter since I conquered the clothes closet.....but I have to admit with pride that the closet is still straight and what clothes have been washed are put away and in this area I have not lost ground.  also I at least open my laptop and write a word or two.....

I have an hour before I go to bed, maybe I could at least start on the dining room table...anything dealt with tonight will be one thing less that I have to face tomorrow..  it isn't necessarily simple to simplify but deep down inside, I know that it will be worth it

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